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Zulkiflee bin Yusof, 48, an entrepreneur who obtained a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Accounting from University Utara Malaysia (UUM) in 1997. 

Core to the foundation of Zulkiflee Yusof’s He & She Coffee was an idea to create business and society upliftment opportunities for students and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. The idea rapidly found its ally at Malaysian universities and colleges as local campuses has long been yearning for an outlet, to not only channel their entrepreneurial creativity, but also to socially nurture and uplift the growing number of disenfranchised students from underprivileged families.

As at mid of June 2021, He & She Coffee has offered more than 100 part-time job opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students, leveraging its network of campus outlets at ten universities across the Malaysian Peninsular, from University of Science Malaysia (USM) up North, to the International Islamic University of Malaysia’s Foundation Centre (IIUM), Gambang at the East, and crossing through to its nerve center at the illustrious University of Malaya (UM). At its southernmost outlet of University Putra Malaysia (UPM), He & She Coffee embodies its honorable resolve of social upliftment.

Tuan Zulkiflee Yusof
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